Module 8

Detox/Cleansing Week followed by the last Module Weekend of the Pranayama TT 21/22. Interview with Lama Tillmann and emphasis on teaching Pranayama, holding space, adjusting and cueing.

Session 8.0

Info Ses­sion Cleans­ing Week
Short Info Ses­sion to pre­pare the Cleans­ing Week

Session 8.1

Intro Prac­tice for the Cleans­ing Week
Chant, Body Scan. Inver­sion. Twists and Psoas release. Kapal­ab­hati, Uddiyana Band­ha, Aad­hi Mudra, Armpit pres­sure for bal­anc­ing Swara &  Nadi Shodana. 

Session 8.2

Prac­tice 2 for the Cleans­ing Week
Body Scan. Vajrasana Twist Vari­a­tions. Bal­asana with a blan­ket. Long sup­port­ed Down­dog, Bridge Uddiyana Band­ha, Stand­ing Uddiyana Band­ha and Agni Sara, Tongue Release. Kapal­ab­hati. Sup­ta Virasana. Nadi Shodana, SO HAM

Session 8.3

Prac­tice 3 for the Cleans­ing Week

Session 8.4

Prac­tice 4 for the Cleans­ing Week
Prayers & Chant.Body Scan. Bal­asana with blan­ket, Sup­port­ed Down­dog, Vajrasana Twists, Sup­ta Virasana. Uddiyana Band­ha, Agni Sara (Stand­ing and Seat­ed), Tongue, Eyes, Throat Releases.

Analo­ma (3 – 1 Breath to set the band­has), Nadi Shodana, and Solar Bas­tri­ka Pranayama.

SO HAM aware­ness in the upper chakras.

Session 8.5

Prac­tice 5 for the Cleans­ing Week
Chant, Body Scan Guid­ed Focal Points, Visu­al­iza­tions. Kechari Mudra with Tongue.
Down­dog Sup­port­ed, Ard­ha Sup­ta Virasana. Kapalabhati/Bastrika. Uddiyana Band­ha plus Maha Band­ha (tri band­ha). Nadi Shodana (option for Analo­ma Vilo­ma). Ujjayi Pranaya­ma Tech­nique (in both out left). Focus on Antar Kumb­ha­ka. Short Med­i­ta­tion to close.

Session 8.6

Inter­view with Lama Till­man
Lec­ture and Inter­view with Lama Till­mann Lhündrup

Session 8.7a

Sat­ur­day Morn­ing Advanced Prac­tice
Chant Gay­a­tri 
Body Scan along Spine
Basic Ujjayi
Down­dog Sup­port­ed
Clas­sic Jathara Pari­var­tanasana  (options)
Supine Twist hips Ele­vat­ed
Kapal­ab­hati with Bhaya Kumb­ha­ka and Mula Band­ha
Uddiyana Band­ha, Agni Sara, Nauli 
Armpit Pres­sure 
Aad­hi mudra
Nadi Shodana 10 min feel­ing the essence of Antar Kumb­ha­ka
Bas­tri­ka Pranaya­ma 1:2:2 option
Prana Vidya on Pin­gala Nadi and Ajna Chakra
Wor­ship the inner Deity, the inner Light.

Session 8.7b

Q&A Ses­sion
Dis­cus­sion on How to Bring Pranaya­ma to those new to the prac­tice look­ing through the lens of the Koshas.

Session 8.8a

Sunday Morn­ing Prac­tice — the Swara and the Space in between
Chant and Body Scan. Grat­i­tude. Reflec­tion on the past year.
Man­i­fest­ing mov­ing for­ward.
Self Guid­ed Asana
Self Guid­ed Low­er Bel­ly Kriyas (men­stru­al cycle alter­na­tives)
Deep Supine Breath in ele­vat­ed posi­tion
Sim­ple breath in Nadi Shodana
1:1:1:1 breath
Lov­ing Kind­ness
Met­ta. Authen­tic Pres­ence. 
Con­nect­ing to Divine as inspi­ra­tion as guid­ance, as support

Session 8.8b

Final Q&A Ses­sion
Teach­ing Pranaya­ma, hold­ing space, adjust­ing and cueing.