Module 7

Deep Dive after a long break with focus on different techniques and sequencing of short sessions. Insights about the recognition of the stages of practice of students to make it useful, safe and effective. Differences between vertical & horizontal Pranayama. Including special practice focused on the divine soul within.

Session 7.1a

Morn­ing Prac­tice for Cleans­ing, Heat­ing and Diges­tive area.
Uddiyana Band­ha Stand­ing, Agni Sara Stand­ing
Uddiyana Band­ha Seat­ed
Tongue release
Kapal­ab­hati with Bhaya Kumb­ha­ka
Bas­tri­ka (Lunar Set)
Arch over bol­ster in Sup­ta Bad­dha Kona or Cleanse bel­ly in Sup­ta Vira
Nadi Shodana with Antar Kumb­ha­ka option or
deep aware­ness pause at navel
unbro­ken aware­ness = med­i­ta­tion
Bas­tri­ka Pranaya­ma with Solar Breath

Session 7.1b

Calm mind, Sub­tle Work with Dha­rana Prac­tices
Sim­ple Supine Breath, Wind­sheild Wipers
Supine Uddiyana Band­ha
Sit Up, Breath in Aad­hi Mudra
Alalo­ma Vilo­ma
Ujjayi Pranaya­ma
Open Shell
Om AH Hung
Con­nect to Udana Vayu
Bhu­mis­par­sha Mudra
Chant­i­ng Om Stavana 

Session 7.2a

Ses­sion 2A

Dis­cussing the Stages and Phas­es of Prac­tice in Pranaya­ma 
from the per­spec­tive of a stu­dent or as some­one teach­ing Pranaya­ma, how to rec­og­nize the stages of prac­tice to make it use­ful, safe and effective

Session 7.2b

Late Evening Lunar Work 
Supine Breath posi­tion (clas­si­cal low posi­tion, heart lift­ed, throat soft)
Seat­ed Kapal­ab­hati 1 round 
Re-set Kriya (Kapal­ab­hati 20 pumps, short Bhaya Kumb­ha­ka, Left side inhale, exhale both nos­tril)
Brah­ma Mudra
Savasana on Bel­ly (block sup­port) or Sit in pas­sive state.
Chan­dra Bhedana (2 vari­a­tions)
OM Prana­va

Session 7.3a

Asana Breath and Kriyas prac­tice and the­o­ry on weav­ing Asana and Pranaya­ma togeth­er, plus Solar Pranaya­ma sequence
main fea­ture:
Supine Series 4 posi­tions (begin­ner and inter­me­di­ate
Kriyas, Kapal­ab­hati, Uddiyana Band­ha
Vipari­ta Dan­dasana Series  4 posi­tions (begin­ner and inter­me­di­ate)
plus supine Breath posi­tions
plus Pranaya­ma focused on Solar Chan­nel:
Uddiyana Band­ha (seat­ed or stand­ing)
Agni Sara (seat­ed or stand­ing)
Jivan Band­ha and Kechari Mudra
Maha Mudra (Tri band­ha)
Kapal­ab­hati OR Bas­tri­ka with Bhaya Kumb­ha­ka
Nadi Shodana with Antar
Surya Bhed­hana (2 vari­a­tions)
Bas­tri­ka Surya Bed­hana

Session 7.3b

A short impor­tant talk about March detox, cleans­ing, shatkar­ma program

Session 7.4a

Prac­tice (Mean­ing of Wor­ship, the Jour­ney to the Soul)

Session 7.4b

Dis­cus­sion and next steps