Module 5

A well rounded Module, with many Kriyas, Further growth in the Pranayama, with emphasis on finding a deeper Antar Kumbhaka and a special Pingala Based Prana Vidya and discussion about Granthis or overcoming blockages. Essential discussion with Evelyn Hunger about building up "Prana, Tejas and Ojas" and how that concept relates to Pranayama Practices. Introduction of a new technique; 1:1:1:1 breath.

Session 5.1

Morn­ing Solar Prac­tice and Prana Vidya!

Tech­niques: Gay­a­tri Mantra, Sav­i­tur (Light, Tejas). open­ing Prayers then Uddiyana Band­ha, Agni Sara, Kapal­ab­hati, Bas­tri­ka. Solar Breath, 4 Kriyas of Tongue Releas­es + Aad­hi Mudra , Nadi Shodana Long with Antar if pos­si­ble. Solar Bas­tri­ka (option­al). Spe­cial Prana Vidya Guid­ed with Pin­gala Nadi and Prana Dis­trib­uted from Anja Chakra

Session 5.2a
Prana Tejas Ojas

The con­cepts of Prana, Tejas and Ojas. A very worth­while talk for our own prac­tice and life and shapes anoth­er way we can see how to teach and cre­ate a prac­tice for oth­ers based on what they need. 


A very sim­ple prac­tice focused on build­ing Ojas, pick­ing up on the themes dis­cussed in Ses­sion 5.2A.


Clas­si­cal Morn­ing Prac­ticesExplor­ing a range of options 

Tech­niques: Hip Open­ing for the SeatKriyas, Nadi Shodana and Ujjayi Pranaya­ma + OM AH HUNGBuild­ing Prana and Antar Kumbhaka.


Q/A and dis­cus­sion on Sequenc­ing Pranaya­ma 45 mins


A long, deep dive into the Phys­i­cal, Ener­getic, Men­tal releas­es in the Upper Chakras (Granthis in Heart, Throat).
Tech­niques: Asana, Kriya, Pranaya­ma and Prana Vidya all focused on the Heart, Throat and Head regions. Some spe­cial work with a longer, more sub­tle Brah­ma Mudra sequence and a new Pranaya­ma 1:1:1:1 ratio to try.


Wrap up Mod­ule 5 and home­work ideas. Quick Talk about what hap­pens as the Prana increas­es and the needs for Granthi release and Ojas building.