Module 4

Exploration how our Ayurvedic constitution affects the Pranayama practice with Guest teacher Evelyn Hunger. Exploration how we adjust the Practice according to the seasons from an Ayurvedic perspective. Evolve our Classical Pranayama/Kumbhaka, adding Prana Vidya and "Heart" work on the Module, and look at basic Sequencing Theory in Pranayama.

Om Stavana

Chant­i­ng Instruction

Shaanti paatha

Chant­i­ng Instruction

Session 4.1

Restora­tive Approach­es in Pranayama

Session 4.2
Ayurveda Evelyn Hunger

Ayurve­da Intro with Eve­lyn Hunger / how to adjust the Pranaya­ma Prac­tice accord­ing to Dosha and Ele­ments, sea­son, time of day.

Short 20 min Prac­tice at the end.

Session 4.3

Long Morn­ing Prac­tice with a ref­er­ence to the Doshas and Ele­ments. Cus­tomiz­ing our prac­tice to bal­ance and react to Dosha, sea­son and time. Kriyas in the Bel­ly for Heat. Warm, Solar Work. Short Meditation.

Session 3 Questions & Answers

Question/Answer and dis­cus­sion on Restora­tive Approach­es based on Poly- Vagal Theory.

Session 4.4

Restor­ing from Tamas. A long prac­tice of mov­ing base Ener­gy (Gane­sha) upwards and dis­trib­ut­ing it though the whole body. 

Tech­niques: upine Breath with the Bel­ly and Chest Open­ers, Kapal­ab­hati, Agni Sara, Nadi Shodana, Deep Supine Breath (Bhaya Kumb­ha­ka) and a Guid­ed Prana Vidya and the Anja Chakra Using Pin­gala Nadi and then dis­trib­ut­ing through the whole body.  Some expla­na­tions  of the Mula­band­ha and Tri-Band­ha also.

Session 4 Questions & Answers

Short dis­cus­sion and prep for next Module.