Module 3

We explore more Kriyas and Tibetan Concentration Practices, plus introducing the Tibetan Buddhist work of Metta and Tonglen to support the Pranayama. We will keep evolving and deepening the foundations of the classic Pranayama work. We begin to look at the Nervous System as well particularly in the Autonomic System and the importance of the Vagus Nerve.

Session 3.1

Var­i­ous Tibetan Approaches

Tech­niques: Pranaya­ma Chant, Var­i­ous Kriyas, Tibetan Nadi Shodana Style, Clas­si­cal Nadi Shodana, plus Dha­rana prac­tice of OM AH HUNG and METTA.

Session 3.1 Questions & Answers

Session 3.2

Clas­sic Morn­ing Solar Pranaya­ma Practice

Tech­niques: Kriyas for Heat, Nadi Shodana (Antar Kumb­ha­ka) Bas­tri­ka Solar Breath, Sitali. Learn­ing OM Sta­vana Chant

Session 3.3

Intro­duc­tion  to Tonglen

Tibetan Nadi Shodana Vip.Karani, Brah­mari, OM AH HUNG, Ton­glen Guided

Dis­cus­sion After­wards on Ton­glen and the con­text of  Prac­tices Regionally

Session 3.3 Questions & Answers