Module 2

The overall theme of the is similar to Module 1 to focus on our personal practice and set strong, foundational anchors in the mind, body and nervous system so that we can safely increase the depth of the work as we move into the mid-part of the course. In Module 2, we start to look at the challenges to access the basic breath and some strategies to work with that including adapting to fit the state of the nervous system and we get an introduction into more aspects of the contemplative practice.

Session 2.1

Look­ing at some strate­gies for releas­ing the bel­ly, psoas and breath­ing diaphragm

Access for Inhale. Breath­ing to match the ner­vous sys­tem. Prop­er Ujjayi.

Tech­niques: Long Deep Release of the Bel­ly region to allow the inhale. Long sequence of Supine Breath in Var­i­ous Asanas. Refine­ment of Kapal­ab­hati, Focus on sim­ple inhale in Basic Nadi Shodana. Match­ing the breath to the ner­vous sys­tem.  Some frontal psy­chic chan­nel intro and Kechari Mudra.

Session 2.2

Find­ing length in the Exhale. A prac­tice fun­da­men­tal to the Exhale work to mir­ror the work on Wednes­day nights’ Inhale work.  Look­ing at Throat, Neck and Tongue, Kechari Mudra.

Tech­niques: Var­i­ous ways of explor­ing the exhale: Var­i­ous tech­niques with the Kapal­ab­hati Kriyas — short breath holds,  Clas­sic Lunar Exhale Pranaya­ma, 3 – 1 and 1 – 3 Analo­ma Vilo­ma explained, Tibetan Med­i­ta­tion Prac­tice of notic­ing the end of the exhale and ask­ing “what remains?”. Var­i­ous “sound tech­niques” on the Exhale using Brahmari.

Session 2.3

Spe­cial Solar based Prac­tice with a focus on start­ing to use the Antar Kumbhaka

Session 2.3 Questions & Answers

Session 2.4

Find­ing deep­er work into the Sub­tle aspects of Pranayama

Tech­niques: Chant and Supine Hip Open­ing Sequence / Prana Vidya (Guid­ed Med­i­ta­tions on the Sub­tle Pran­ic Body / plus Supine Breath using Wim Hof (mod­i­fied) method and long Bhaya Kumb­ha­ka. Savasana.

Session 2.4 Questions & Answers

Ques­tions & Answers plus dis­cussing Pranaya­ma Glos­sary that we will use to start build­ing sequences and under­stand the many prac­tices in this tradition.