Module 2

The overall theme of Module 2 is similar to Module 1 to focus on our personal practice and set strong, foundational anchors in the mind, body and nervous system so that we can safely increase the depth of the work as we move into the mid-part of the course. In Module 2, we start to look at the challenges to access the basic breath and some strategies to work with that including adapting to fit the state of the nervous system and we get an introduction into more aspects of the contemplative practice.

Session 2.1

Chant to open
Sup­ta Bad­dha Konasana vari­a­tions
Kapal­ab­hati or Parvati’s Lotus (both are mov­ing up gen­tly)
Bhaya Kumb­ha­ka exam­ples
Face Down Savasana on blocks or Vipari­ta Karani
Bra­hama Mudra (eyes con­nect­ed to base of skull)
series of eyes move­ments and tongue release
Direc­tion of Breath Down in Basic Breath
Posi­tion of Breath in Body­S­pace at end of Breath
Nadi Shodana empha­size the space at end of breath (Bhaya)
notice dirc­tion of breath. Posi­tion of breath.
Imag­in­ing the move­ment of Breath (infor­mal Nadi Shodana)
Vata Reduc­ing Breath with Space at end of breath and low to ground
Brah­mari or Prana­va. (shape of the upper palate)
Med­i­ta­tion on end of exhale
Mantra for Manomaya Kosha — Breath becomes Mantra

Session 2.2a

Chant to open
Supine Hip Open­ing 1/2 with Jathara Twist / Tada­ki Mudra
Sup­ta Virasana (or Alt)
Sup­port­ed Down­dog
Uddiyana Band­ha in Stand­ing and Seat­ed / Agni Sara Stand­ing
Savasana or Back Arch for Chest
Kapal­ab­hati with Bhaya + Kechari 
How to do Supine Breath for Pranaya­ma. Trac­ing the Breath in Seat with Hands For­mal vs. Infor­mal Analo­ma Vilo­ma
Nadi Shodana work­ing on Antar Kumb­ha­ka vs. Pause (supine option)
1:1:2:p lead­ing to imag­i­na­tion of breath (option to lay down.
Solar Bhas­tri­ka Pranaya­ma  + Sitali  + SO HAM (Breath becomes Mantra)

Session 2.2b Q&A


Ques­tions & Answers Ses­sion 2.2a

Morn­ing vs. (Late) Evening Pranaya­ma
When the Inhale is Difficult

Session 2.3


Bija Chakra Sounds
Down­dog Sup­port­ed & Vipari­ta Dan­dasana Restora­tive Heart Open­er
Kapal­ab­hati with Bhaya Kumb­ha­ka
Nadi Shodana
Guid­ed Prana Vidya, Met­ta and Ton­glen
Trata­ka Guid­ed
Clos­ing Chants